At Home Full Body Cardio Workout (10 MINUTE – FOLLOW ALONG!!)


Today I’m gonna show you how you can step away from the treadmill, stop ellipticalling your life away, and SPICE UP YA LIFE!! Today we’re doing a follow along at-home cardio workout. The way this is gonna work is you’ll have two circuits, each circuit will have 3 exercises, and each exercise will take 30 to 60s.

We’re not aiming for a specific number of reps as much as we’re aiming for max intensity. By cranking up the intensity of your cardio, not only will you burn more calories in less time, but you’ll also LEARN to push yourself.


If you made it all the way through – I want you to tell me! Comment below to let me know!

If you’re super pumped about this video, but aren’t sure which workout routine is best for your body type. Take this quiz:

There I guide you through a quick, but detailed series of questions so I can learn a lil more about you and give you advice specific to your goals.


(Circuit 1)
Butterfly squat x60s
Down dog abs x30s (per side)
Froggers x30s

(Circuit 2)
Rising lunge x30s (per side)
Commando plank x60s
Froggers x30s

Repeat both circuits twice with minimal rest.

Comment below when you’re done!